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Working from Home

There’s no denying that our lives have changed significantly over the past number of weeks. For many of us, that has meant adapting to new ways of working, managing our home lives and looking after our wellbeing. As we consider a phased return to the workplaces, here are a few simple reminders to help us… Read more »

Cash flow caveats during the COVID19 crisis from simPRO

Monitoring cash flow, particularly during the next three to four months, is critical for navigating your way through the COVID-19 pandemic. Cash is king, especially now that the coronavirus has created widespread uncertainty about supply chains, buyer confidence, and when the world will finally escape from this pandemic. “Cash flow management and preservation should be… Read more »

8 global mental health tips from the professionals

While it is important during this global health crisis that we isolate to reduce the spread of disease, distancing to keep everyone safe does have a downside. Many people will be suffering from higher levels of stress, anxiety and even depression, making it more difficult to live their daily lives. In times such as this,… Read more »

Preparing your field service business for the ‘new normal’

As governments prepare for changes in lockdown measures, now is the perfect time to prepare your business for the new state of society. No one knows what post lockdown will look like but getting ready for the ‘new normal’ will ensure your business is ready to meet the challenges and changes that may affect your… Read more »

Coral® Logo entrance mats – Helping People to Keep Safe

At Forbo Flooring Systems we recognise concerns and complexities that now exist as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic which has become part of everyone’s daily life. Some measures, such as ‘social distancing’ look like they will be here for a while. So our Coral Logo team have developed a range of entrance mats that… Read more »


THE CHALLENGE This large manufacturing facility was investing in an energy monitoring system but wanted to ensure that a suitable level of power monitoring was incorporated into their new system.  As this was a very busy site with no dedicated resources available to analyse the power usage the system needed to be setup for automated… Read more »